Monday, 30 January 2017

Portugal Villa Diary November-December 2016

Planting a new Orchard on the Plateau

 I know that the new orchard does not look very impressive at the moment but this is only the start.We have planted up to date two pomegranates, three pear,one peach,one nectarine,one fig and an apricot.They all have drip irrigation to their roots and we hope that they are not uprooted by the wild boar which seem to root around and play in the plateau in the winter and early spring.We hope to plant up more on the plateau when we return late march and eventually we hope to cover the plateau with fruit trees.We will post an update in the spring and some photos in the spring showing blossom ,growth etc.
 We have also planted a large number of daffodils and as you can see the area is starting to green up with grass which we will need to strim [More work!]

 We have also planted some camellias , magnolias , myrtles and a tree hibiscus on this area.

Gardening and Planting on the Pool Terrace

This yellow Datura has tripled in size since we planted it in June.
 This photo shows the sloping bed overlooking the pool.We pruned the grape back hard ,weeded the bed and planted it up with a range of spring bulbs and lillies

 Red bouganvillia which has grown enormously since we planted it in June .Just hope they all survive the winter frosts.We have heard that the temperature in mid January got down to -6 c !!

 The bed is starting to fill up.

I think we will need to prune the grape before we leave in September as the leaves fall in the pool and block up the skimmer.

Bed all weeded and planted ready for next spring.

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Looks all neat and tidy !!

Electrical and lighting Projects

The Art Deco fan and lights were sourced second hand from E Bay.The only trouble was that we forgot to buy bayonet bulbs back in the UK so couldn't use them this time around ,Dohhh!The Triptych showing a beach scene was picked up from the streets of Tooting.What a find.
Security and flood light for the pool


  1. Great to watch the progress. Everything is growing really well. Good idea to use the plateau - but how will we stroll around looking for a mobile phone signal?

    1. Maybe a mobile phone sitting out place on top of the water tank ?

  2. Definitely all neat and tidy hope not too much to tidy up when back in March