Monday, 30 January 2017

December trip to Porto

Porto in December

Before we returned to the uk ,because of the timing of our Rede Expressos coach arriving at Porto and the time of our Easyjet flight to the UK we found the need to stay in Porto overnight.We arranged to stay at Reis de Gaia , a comfortable hotel on the south bank of the Douro in the heart of the Port warehouse area.We arrived about lunch time and spent the afternoon and evening strolling and exploring the streets of Porto.

Tram crossing over one of the iconic bridges of Porto

Gargoyle water fountain

Near our hotel Villa de Raia

View across the Douro to the North side.

Port boats

Sail set

River life

Ballerina dancing scenes from The Nutcracker Suite in one of the high street shop windows.

Christmas Decorations.

Up market shop window

Bolo De Rainha ,a  Christmas Sweet Bread.

The fabulous Bridges of Porto

More Douro boats

Street scene

Narrow suburban streets in the heart of Porto

Visit to the Cathedral

Alter from one of the side chapels

Main altar at the Cathedral

More Christmas Street Scenes in Porto

Hevs window shopping

Wow,how's that for a Christmas tree

More Fabulous shop window displays

Antique shop in the Villa de Raia area

Comfortable night in our hotel.